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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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i'm wondering what thoughts you have for improving park safety and park patrol i see two additional park patrol officers i know you're under constraints but could you commit >> sure i think you'll see a couple of slides ahead that frankly because of the success in the revenue category bucket of our budget we're for the first time talking to the mayor's office and putting more strategic revenues back into the park but with the stakeholder where do we make those strategic investments when we have an opportunity to do that.
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essentially we came up with 4 investments strategies that's park safety the first and active living keeping of our citizenry healthy and active and customer service. we have 25 with respect to park safety and 25 ftes. we run a high attrition rate that's a public safety and while the park patrol positions don't go through the rigorous training as a police there's a high attrition rate not everyone makes it through the probation period we have 18 boots on the ground and we're getting a new
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came to cover others. we are a 247 operation we have temple to 12 which they recalled high needs or public safety challenged parks in particular that is two or three park patrol officers at a given time as a fundamental manner it's all but impossible to provide the level of service we believe our park patrol service should provide we have a close relationship with the fte but only with their something serious but the park patrol officers enforce the park rules so they've got more serious issues to tackle from time to time. this is off leasing leash dog
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issues and park hours enforcement and something as opening and closing our facilities at night and making sure when there's evening events peop people value that and there will ambassadors in uniform and they're the - they're the group of hardworking people in our department. their functions are very thankless and dramatically under resources. we've been in productive conversation with the mayor's office and the staff we're saying the sthapgz we want to augment the amount of officers. you have 18 boots on the ground
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and there are 7 vacancies or him or her >> there are 7 vacancies that are within the, you know, i'm sure you're aware of the civil service process and the park control has law enforcement complications. so we're in process under another round of hiring but let's say we're at full staffing but we'll never be there are people on leave but let's say we were, you know, 20 or 21 even at one hundred percent staff we're not there we couldn't do more than two or three >> i encourage overlooked park control to move the ideal and we agree we went a little bit lighter in our proposed budget to the mayor's office for one we
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will be able to reassign some point some park patrol staff that are currently destined to candle stick when this property is transferred over to lanar so that will help and fill another examine. we made policy choices and supervisor you'll see; right we put the dollars into forestry. if you will believe it ever a more critical staffing weakness in our organization. i'll try to flip those quickly we've covered them arrest our budget solutions this year that really do rely on not even new
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concessions but points to the amenities we're offering in our parks the coit tower being reopened a month from now and cross the board we're seeing growth it has nothing to do with permit fees or increases it is more use and more efficient use of the requests. you see a one-time stadium revenue line item there in the budget last year when we submitted our two year's budget there was a $3 million stlementd in t in t in the 49ers they stopped their lease a year early and that money is budgeted and is a fiscal edge. the 2 million you see is revenue
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from the reuse of resale of the candle stick infrastructure. which we will do before the stadium is transferred to lanar and the shipyard project. just a little bit of a highlight in the budget solution our center has done a good job with our job costs a $350,000 from workers' compensation it's also, we do were pretty aggressive with tracking workman's comp and get back to work early it's a do not have reduction in costs and do safety training. so you mentioned two of our
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budget priorities we're reinvesting in recreation and we are trying to do our part to work on what we believe is a serious obesity or inactivity epidemic. we're working with the school district and working with lots of partners trying to provide more programming designed to get children and seniors outside and running around. on the customer service side one of the enhancement is our human resources function. when we did our recreation model it's been quite successful a few years ago. we probably after looked the hiring we're hiring a lot more people on a temporary basis 80 that have a specific skill and
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increased our summer hiring the model is to have a more temporary workforce with respect to the instructors themselves. we run pretty high open vacancies and so we've asked for a little bit more h.r. support to do our part to turn around vacancies in park control and we have some reinvestment as well. on the technology side which we are trying to keep up with they are presenting interesting technology supervisor farrell led the wifi initiative but there's other opportunities for us to not only create our technology but to provide better customer service. i can go into it a little bit more county jail bus that's essentially the detail of our
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investments >> okay. colleagues any questions at this time? okay. thank you mr. ginsburg and katie. we'll see you back shortly >> open this up for public comment is there any public comment on item 4? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues can i have a motion to table item 4. we'll take that without objection. >> would you like to file the item instead. >> i'm sorry yes file it instead. thank you madam clerk, call item 5 >> this is a hearing to receive an update open the sheriff's department budget for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. >> okay. i don't see the sheriff's department here.
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we're on item 6 why not go into a 5 minute recess and come back point. >> okay welcome back to the san francisco budget & finance committee wednesday, april 23, 2014. madam clerk, call item 5. >> this is to receive an update 0 on on the sheriff's department 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 budget. >> thank you, mr. chair and budget committee per good afternoon. we'll start with our slide presentation if guiding you through. a lot of people don't know all the services that the san
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francisco police department performs this is what the sheriff's department law enforcement agency is love people think we're strictly about custody and corrections as you see if this chart only 49 percent of our sires are allocated toward the custody side and 5 percent to equipment services and 8 percent of our resources to administration and finger 8 percent to the court position and 14 percent to security services and 6 percent to field and security services. only 6 percent to our programs with the post custody erect and
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innovating the jurisdiction from all around the state and country. the next slide is the progress that our department and the city is making collectively with other leaders in the criminal justice system is the dramatic considers of our jail population. in january of 2014 our population at that metric has already been 40 percent under crowded of our maximum population is it's now even further than that you heard if the self-employed police department with the drop in the jail population we're not seeing the increases in crimes or
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public safety where one says that's the untint consequent o those not incarcerated the purifying and our department and community and city hall can appreciate that we are seeing also significant improvements in anti recidivism and lowering the repeat offender rates that's the population staying out of jail. there's something that role went very undetected in san francisco and that's kind of a of a should've thing to do i shut down the entire jail county jail number 3 the sixth floor in its existence that had been shut
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down. in the parlance of what it means to proceed over our incarceration system building a jail is a big discussion and a you shutting down a jail shouldn't go unnoticed. that leeltd for us the ability to have flexibility in our staffing to redistribute some of our staff one of the main richlz in the condition in that jail was to bad it was the paralleled of the discussion but because of overcame. we thought we'll be able to save our city, of course, the fund that are being used unnecessarily for overcame. once you shut down the jail it's
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unlikely we're going to especially it back up. so while county jail the sixth floor of the hall of justice p had been closed in its history speaks to the kind of overall position that the jail is moved. we allocated our jail with 5 and 11 which is the downtown san francisco and county jail number 4 with 5 that went to the hall of the couldn't justice and a records kwifks our it u institutional police and we believe that couragely this is now allowed us to innovative
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other central records utilities this is currently operated by our sworn staff. so on department chouchlt we're seeing significant reductions in rhythm - recidivism there's not a central definition of recidivism and not in the sheriff's department. based on random milestones that have been submitted it the controller for their index reporting some of the indexs we're comparing against 17 percentage of remaining for them that complete the sisters program some of our infamous in house custody programs and 57
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recidivism for electronic control. so based on a bureau of justice 65 recidivism for prisoners that were released since 199 that that's an overall federal and state statistic. the other initiative it mrept the affordable care act we're the first in the country that has been suggested that as a sheriff's department institution to provide avoidance to the department of public health department and who's also led the effort but we're 247 operationo and h s a can't also be in the jail system so we want
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to cast a net so people who are booked into the jails can participate. the pilot programs next week city college comes to the jail system. we were able to initiative that city college that they're going to start 2 classes in our san bruin 5. we have the first education in our jail and many of those who are getting their depleting or diploma have reached a ceiling so having city college in hand helps us be able to extend their level of education and hopefully as we're able to excel that continuous of education with the supervision that is made part of
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aactor in the completion of their probation. we're excited bmw city college coming in the jail system and will benefit those who are getting scombat back into society. our bike program is new for the san francisco sheriff's department like the horticulture program the horticulture we use tools inside the jail system and for any kind of correctly atmosphere climate or jail system or prison system the introduction of tools inside a jail system what about intoimentd but thanks to our program staff we found a way to adversity the tools to the walls
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so there's accountability for the tools and the instruction that's been provided is a testing ground for us over the last year by having the bicycle repair program to spark interests. accident sheriff's department has been famous that deals with the e emotional side of skill and hard skill side this is where our administration prepares people for the job force. we're increasing visitation. san francisco prior to 2011 had the lottery in visitations hours. had i look at the other of people to visit our jails a maximum up to 12 hours and looked at the complications of
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poor people to visit their loved wunz ones i thought we should increase and visitation hours we're looking to do that cross the board and tripling them as well. we visit programs that really zone in layers in on the reunification percentage parents who have children's on the outside and unless there's a thing a prohibits them our staff is trying to help us create a bonding system of visitation in connection were there hadn't been before in the sheriff's department. we looked to calling attention
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to some additional programs around mother's day and then the reentry pod that's something we've been before this body to present and this body approved the contracts between the san francisco police department and the adult probation department and the correction of protect we're the first to take a dedicated pod that's located in county jail number 2 the a pod and designating that pod for a reentry problematic wrap around services up to 60 days before their released. our transportation system leaves next week week to go to san
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quentin to have the population cob that have been prequalified through our clarification unit from between our adult probation department and san quentin. the chief and myself went to san quentin and met with the warned and developed a number even if orientation materials for the inmates we think this is potentially very excited being the first department in the state to do this there are other couldn't departments that want to do it but the recreation up to 56 inmates that will be ben inside the reentry pod being ready for the release of the adult probation that exporting
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process you would think should be continued in a post custody world it never happened without the level of focus or scrutiny. this is what the enter pod doesn't see it will be more practical use or around the state or country. electronic monitoring is the - electronic monitoring is something in my as precisions in being sheriff as a supervisor i spoke candidly about diversion around from incarnation and look for the tools that are afforded to the sheriff's department one by diverting people and making sure that there is no risk to
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public safety. we were surviving taxpayers significant amazes of money $55,000 a year and $15 and year from somebody on electronic mortgaging yet we're seeing in not better sometimes on the recidivism or repeat offender. and 2013 was a banner year for electronic monitoring in the san francisco sheriff's department we/3 hundred and 59 on e many there was no breach of the electronic monitoring nobody had been recidivist for those who unfortunately, this is an issue that remains unsoefld for people who can't afford bail remain in
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jail but those who are more higher risk for the lower risk to not be in jail. next please. vocational school training. when i was a supervisor so far district 5 i asked why are we not doing city building inside the jail whether you want to take the model or convert it that makes sense that the triumphing of the needs for jobs in san francisco and benefiting from our local economy then role one of the best candidates to help that opportunity starts in the system we have the space because our jail population has declined to create the space i
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reached out to our friends in union labor and others in the nonprofit community to examine what the possibilities are for the first time to bring into the san francisco sheriff's department a hard training system. and since it is a component of many local hiring laws and first source laws to hire people that are formerly incarcerated to begin the training process while in custody. we've preidentified many that apply in the i think the safety not a safety risk that well perform and by the people from a program like a bike repair is a precursor to help us ready
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ourself and we're acquit right for wanting to implement. we've put in the budget a request we implement that program. this kind of program will go a long way to address the issues for people of the colored community we often find disproportionately in jail so having them in the supervision of the adults and having them being placed in an apprentices program is a perfect slungs for the good work that's being done from city hall right now on a job program for underserved community should saturday in the jail. we have the programmed to help people get their driver's
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license to prepare for resegregation we need to make sure that during the exciting time of the economic about how many the other side of the coin how expensive it is to live in san francisco especially for a population like ours more to the point and unlikely or difficult it is for emerging population out of incarnation. job readiness is important here. one of the other endeavors is the cafe the in custody program like for men we can do this for women too even our women's jail population is smaller and considerably